Agri-Business Consultants, LLC is an economic, marketing, financial, and management consulting firm that offers its services to agricultural (farming), input, processing, and related firms in the agribusiness sector.  The goal of Agri-Business Consultants is to provide the best economic and business advice through research and analysis to its clients.  The information can then be used in the formulation of effective business model(s) to maintain and improve competitive strategy and overall value and profitability.

Dr. Folwell worked for 39 years at Washington State University as a Professor of Agribusiness Management, Associate Dean, and Director of Viticulture and Enology. He has been a private consultant to over 40 firms in the Agribusiness sector and government agencies at the state and federal levels and has received several service awards from agricultural industries and organizations.

Mr. Ball is the Chair of the Agriculture Program and Director of Viticulture and Enology at Yakima Valley Community College.  He has worked as an Associate in Research at Washington State University and as a private consultant to numerous firms and businesses in the agricultural and food processing industries in the Pacific Northwest.

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